Oct 6, 2018

To the boy with the electric blue eyes

i'll miss your electric blue eyes the most
how they shimmered and sparkled
for me

what happened? what changed? 
what made you walk away? fear anger shame? 
why did the light in your eyes fade and die
for me

how I wish I could look into your eyes to see the answers 
but I'm too afraid, to hurt, to see the reasons your feelings died 
for me 

so I close my dark brown eyes in grief 
grief that you will never talk 
grief for the love I lost 
grief that I have to leave you behind 
so I say goodbye to you, the boy with the electric blue eyes

Apr 5, 2015

Share the Love Challenge Tag


   I have been tagged by Alea for the Share the Love Challange, thank you A. Harper!
Check out her awesome blog a Elvish Pens, Fantastical Writings.

About Alea (copied)
Hi! I'm Alea Harper, just another Christian writer! I love to write(obviously), make movies, serve others, and tell people about Jesus! Almost every day, I am on some adventure; whether its joining the Fellowship and defeating Sauron in "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien, running from Emporor Daicen in "Resistance" by Jaye L. Knight, or going on my own adventure that I write, something exciting is always happening!

What I love about her blog:
Well, there is a lot I love about Alea's blog.
I love how it is so lively and upbeat, anywhere from her blog's lush background to her interesting informative posts. Her blog is delightfully orderly and neat, with many interesting things going on.
I'd advise you to make sure she is on your blog list!

Favorite blog post of hers:
I would have to say How to Encourage a Writer. When I read it I was laughing so hard. Without spoiling the post, she hit it spot on! Quite a few times I have been in that same situation and it is so frustrating! 

I now tag:
Faithsong @ Story of Fire
Kaycee @ The Pink Cave
Ryan Paige @ The Realm of Hearts
Jaye L. Knight @ Jaye L. Knight 
Aidyl @ Noveltea

If the people tagged wish to participate, here are the rules:

-Post these instructions and the tag in your post.
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Apr 4, 2015

Where in the world have I been?

Where in the world have I been?

That is a good question. And I feel like I need to give my apologies to you, my readers.
I haven't posted in close to a whole to a month now, for that I apologize.

My life has become more full since the last time I blogged, but not that much that I can never blog again.
For a while there, after Book Lover's Questionnaire I suffered "Blog Block". I wasn't quite sure what to blog about. I had some subjects I wanted to post about (How to fix Hiccups{it really works}, and Pippin's song from LOTR), but they just seemed so awkward to post.

After that I began an online class.

And I joined Camp NaNo for the first time.

And to top it all off, my brother caught the flu, and then I got it too.

Basically I have been so busy in my physical life I forgot to keep up with my virtual one. But now, since I am feeling so much better, and ready to tackle the world, I will be posting more regularly then I have.

My next post will be the Share the Love Challenge Tag which my friend Alea has so kindly tagged me again to be a part of.


Mar 9, 2015

The Book Lovers Questionnaire

I have been tagged by Alea Harper over at her blog Elvish Pens, Fantastical Writings.
Thank you Alea!

Do you have a specific place for reading?

No, not really. I read anywhere there is a quiet, comfortable nook. There is one exemption though, the woods. I will not read in the woods, I'd be to busy fantasizing about all those little bugs crawling all over me *shivers*. 

Bookmark or random piece of paper?

I have a small bag of homemade and store bought bookmarks in a drawer waiting to serve me, but do I use them? Of course not, that would be considered normal! Instead, I use many different objects lying around the house, necklaces, bracelets, toilet paper(yes), scraps of paper, fingernail files etc, etc.

Can you stop anywhere in a book or do you have to finish the chapter?

If I 'm being carried away in a good book I would be loath to leave it at any time other than its end *grin*, but when duty calls it is fine with me if I end on a sentence.

Music or TV while reading? 

Music, sweet music! I don't mind listening to my radio station while I read, it provides mood music.
One time I kept replaying this certain song as I read a book. I just liked how it went with the novel.
( Mary Did You Know to The Princess Spy. Crazy strange combo, right?) 
TV and reading? Not a hope. The visuals distract me to much.

Do you eat or drink while reading? 

Oh yeah, all the time, (not really all the time). (Hand to heart) I promise though, I am very careful, we are talking about books here after all. 
Food/gum is a huge help in keeping my mouth diverted from my fingernails when I am reading through those intense scenes in the novel. 

One book at a time or several? 

If it is a good book then I won't be reading anything else until it is done. If I run into a slow or long,(but still interesting) book I might be caught mosey my way through a couple books at a time. 

Reading at home or elsewhere?

I will read anywhere except the woods and when I am suppose to be socializing. 

Read out loud or silently?

On occasion I will read aloud for the benefit of others ,which is fun, but I prefer to read silently. It's faster that way and I don't strain my throat, lol.

Do you read ahead or skip pages?

Me? I do everything. I read straight through, I skip over dull sections or to get to different POVs in a multiple POV novel, and I jump to the last pages to see how it ends. I'm bad.

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

Broken or unbroken, hmm. Most of my books are of clean limb and spine, only a few, around four, are broken. I like my books to be in good repair and new looking, but if  I see the broken spine of a well read, well loved book I don't have a heart attack.

Do you write in your books?

I would not write in my books in a million years. Unless, of course, I needed to send a super secret message through a book to a worthy cause. I enjoy reading the margins that others left behind, but I don't think I could leave my own. I hesitate even to highlight my Bible.  


Thanks for reading.
I tag:

Mickayla at http://pencilscanchangetheworld.blogspot.com/
Athelas at https://craftingstoriesinred.wordpress.com/
Faithsong at https://storyoffire.wordpress.com/
Aidyl at http://aidylewoh.blogspot.com/

And anyone else who would like to be tagged.


Mar 2, 2015

Soulless, part one

A while ago, you may have heard, Rooglewood Press had a Beauty and the Beast retelling writing contest. I prepared a story to enter in the contest, but I didn't finish it before the deadline.
Moral ( If you are a slow writer don't wait until the last minute )
SOOO, long story short I shall share my unentered retelling with you.

Soulless: A retelling of the Beauty and the Beast  

              -J.R. Lockwood 


              Chapter one

 Luna Raster sat hunched over in the doorway of the home she and her mother shared. She looked furtively both ways down the narrow cobble street. The empty doorways of the other houses on the street mocked her. She felt nervous and exposed on the dull wooden step. Her body shivered in the cool morning air.  She never should have dared to do this. She should have stayed inside and prayed to the goddess for her mercy until the Time of the Soul Reaping was past.

She stared down at the bowl full of rose heps in her lap. Her lips tightened, and she grasped the wooden bowl in a firm grip. No, her mind was made up. She would not hide herself in her room as the sun rose. Not today. Today she would watch the sun as it came from the night, and together they would remember her father.
She held her breath as the little sun lizards crept out of their holes onto the dirty street in front of her. They each sought a place to bask. Some settled on the dirt road before her, others on the clay tenant fronts that lined the street, letting the rising sunlight absorb into their skins. Her eyes misted, they were so beautiful, like little drops of the sun.  
She let a short period of time pass before she made her move. Slowly, ever so slowly she lifted the bowl from her lap and rested it on the cobble before her. It made a soft click as it touched the street. Several of the nearest lizards glanced up in alarm. She held her breath and sat motionless. The lizards gawked at the bowl, crocking and bobbing up and down among themselves, working up the courage to investigate. A small group of the boldest lizards left their basking spots and advanced up to the bowl. They were delighted at the contents of her gift and they began eating away at the red fruits.

  “I am sorry dear sun lizards but this will be the last time I’ll be feeding you.” Luna said quietly.  “I don’t want to endanger my family any more than I already have.”                                                            
The lizards looked up at the sound of her voice and then returned to their meal, decidedly unoffended at her comment.
Her eyes roved over their lithe forms. From snout to tail tip they span the distance from her wrist to elbow. Golden scales shimmered down their length. Their black blue eyes snapped with intelligence.  Her fingers itched to stroke them, to feel their warmth just once more.
She slowly placed her right hand on the ground palm up, using her tongue and mouth to make a soft clicking sound. One of the lizards turned its head towards her, a single pulpy strand of rose fruit peeping from its mouth.
It saw her hand and scampered over jumping into the offered palm without hesitation. She lifted it up off the ground and gazed into its liquid orbs. The creature fit it the palm of her hand like a comforting pebble. Its long tail hung off and the lizard wrapped it around one of her fingers, staring back at her.        
“How are you today my little sun lizard? Did you sleep well?” At her soft voice the lizard blinked then impatiently nuzzled her palm with its snout. She giggled and used a free finger to stroke the lizard’s warm head.  “My, my, aren’t you demanding when you want attention.”
 The lizard made a soft croak in agreement and fell over offering its stomach to her.  She obliged, grinning, and scratched its pale yellow scales with two fingers.  The lizard’s body grew warm in her hand and its skin let off a golden glow. She closed her eyes, savoring the moment. Memories of her father played before her eyelids unbidden.

When he was alive, they used to sit together on this doorstep in the early mornings and evenings. They talked about many things but, they would always end up in a discussion of the sun lizards. Her father had such passion for them. He had shown her how to earn their trust, to hold them, to touch them.

“The sun lizards are not a curse on our city, they are a blessing. They were given to us to use.” Her father said.                                                                                                                                                                                       
“But then why is there the Soul Reaping?”  Luna looked up at him with confusion in her black eyes.                                                 
Her father curled his arm around her slim shoulders. “I do not know what is causing the Soul Reaping but, I know that it is not the lizards.” He bent to her ear and whispered. “I’ve been studying them secretly. They hold the key to cure for Soulless but, I haven’t figured it out yet.
She jerked away in horror, looking both ways down the street. She finally replied in her lowest whisper. “Father, it is against the law!”       
“Is it against the law to help our city, Luna?”    
“But, the goddess will send the sickness to kill you.” She trembled and he held her tight. 
He stared up at the sky stretching above the street and sighed. “Daughter, I need to tell you something. Something very important.” He watched her face for her reaction. “A new god has been discovered in the Old documents.”                                                                                                         
  Confusion etched her face. He continued, speaking slowly. “The Old documents say that He was the founder of the world. It says that he made everything good, even the lizards, and then evil came in and wrecked its havoc. Worship of the goddess emerged and buried His name and memory. But He is coming back into the hearts of a few people. It is said that He is more mighty than the goddess. 
Luna gasped. “That is blasphemy!”
“We have live under the goddess’ rule for a century now, and look how we have been suffering for it!” Her father clasped and unclasped his hands, using them to carve shapes in the air. “The goddess kills anyone, besides her priests, who search for knowledge and for the cure for Soulless. She calls for our worship then strikes us down at her pleasure. She is fickle and cruel. This new god is just; He doesn’t abuse us on a whim.” Her father stroked her hair. “I think I am beginning to give my heart to him.”
“Father!” Tears of alarm welled up in her eyes. “Please don’t say that, the goddess will kill you! She does have power.” 
He cupped her face in his large hands. “Why are you giving the goddess power through your fear? I trust this god to protect me as I learn about Him. Luna, open your heart and mind. Soon I am going to tell the family what I am discovering. And, if this god is true then I want all of you to believe in him too. Will you be open?”
She stared into her father’s eyes, and then nodded slowly. “I will listen when you tell the family.” 
He hugged her. “That’s my girl. Be bold; don’t let your fear rule you.”

                          Luna bowed her head and shuddered. She wished she had stopped her father. She should have made him turn his back on that god and convinced him to worship the goddess. Her father’s faith and trust in the new god had done nothing for him. The goddess had finally struck him down. He had been afficted with the Soulless and had died and lonely and horrible death.

The lizard butted Luna’s palm with its snout again, drawing her out of her reverie. She smiled wanly and continued scratching its belly. “You greedy lit – Owe!” A bright flash of light stung her eyes, blinding her. She covered her face with her left hand. Hot pain seared her right. She yelped and shook her hand but the lizard was already gone.
 The other lizards in the street started hissing and barking. She turned her watering eyes into the door, clutching her injured hand, as the whole street erupted in a chaos of flashing lights. What had frightened the lizards? She knew she hadn’t done anything to alarm them but, what had?

Gradually the light flashes behind her ceased as the lizards made it back to their own holes. They probably wouldn’t come out again until late afternoon now. She looked up; the street was eerily silent and empty. The air around her seemed to be holding its breath for an unseen danger. Her skin crawled.

Her hand burned and sharp stings of fire shot up her arm. She stared down at her right hand, clenching her teeth against the pain and the tears threating leek out. The fingers of her right hand were curled over her palm refusing to move. Through her fingers she saw red blistered flesh.
She winced. Mother would be furious. She wouldn’t be able to work the broom on the streets and they would have to live like beggars until her hand healed. She looked at her injury again, noticing a line of red that curled around her finger like scarlet rings. The lizard’s tail had also brunt her skin when it had been wrapped. How was she going to explain these telltale burns to her mother?  She trembled. She would surly bring the wrath of the goddess down onto their heads.

“Oh, dear goddess of the sun lizards; please forgive me of my disobedience. Please do not harm my family because of me.” She bowed her head and fell on her knees.  “Please spare us from your wrath. I will never do anything to disobey you again. Just please do not strike us down.”

 The air hung heavy around her. And so did the weight in her heart.  Her hand throbbed for attention. She stared at her guilt numbly through watery eyes. It would need to be cleaned and wrapped. Perhaps mother would not ask to see it if it bandaged. She could just say it was a burn from the hearth.

She stood to her feet, and stepped out of the doorway to their house’s rain barrel. She dipped her left hand into the cold water. The barrel was full but she would only use a handful. She would not waste and make mother bring extra water from the distant city fountain because of her folly. The water soothed the fire in her hand for an instant. She used another handful of water, making sure any dirt or grime had been washed away.  The hand was red and blistered, but clean. She turned towards the door in search of a bandage cloth.


 A retched cry blasted through the silence of the empty street. Luna started, her hand forgotten. The scream, it was so loud, so near. Her heart quickened. It was a cry of utter terror and suffering. The cry of the Soulless!


 She ran through the door and into their two room home, glancing frantically around the sparse furnishings. Mother was not in the front of the house. Luna felt her panic rising.
"Mother, answer me!"
 Visions of her mother twisting on the floor in agony swam through her mind. The horrible wild eyed look, the slobbering mouth and the ridged limbs. She went through the dividing curtain trembling at what she might find.

Her mother, Sara Raster, was huddled on the foot her pallet, weeping and shaking. A mixture of relief and worry washed over Luna. Her mother had not been struck with the Soulless, but why was she crying like this? Chills crawled over her skin, and fear knotted in her stomach.
 Luna approached her. Sara raised her dark head at her daughter’s voice. Her face was riddled with pain and horror. Tears flooded her eyes, but then she saw her.
“Luna! Oh, my daughter, you’re safe.” Sara jumped up and embraced her, sobs racked her body. “Oh, my girl, my Luna.” She whispered in her ear.
Luna hugged her back tightly, wishing away her forebodings but, the feeling of dread only grew with every heave of her mother’s frame.
 “Mother, I heard the scream, it was so close. I was afraid… I was afraid it was you…” Luna’s voice trailed off and she hugged her mother tighter.
 Sara held her back and sobbed through her tears. “This family is cursed! We are cursed!” She pointed with a shaking arm “The scream… came from the other…. side of that wall.”
Luna looked at the white clay wall separating their house from the next one, her face paling. Her brother and his wife and child lived in the house next to theirs. “No, please no!”
 She ran to the wall, and knelt against it, her heart twisting. She heard the mewing of her baby nephew Eip and she could just make out soft feminine weeping. Her sister-in-law Lemay.  A ragged howl tore through the near silence, accompanied with several harsh animal-like grunts.

Luna looked at her mother who had crumpled to the floor. She took a deep breath, swallowing down the lump in her throat, and wiping at the tears running over her checks. “Mother.”
Sara dragged her gaze up from the floor and she pulled herself into a sitting position, her face chalk white. Luna swallowed again. “Mother, its Roan. He has been struck.”    
 A single wail escaped her mother’s lips before she collapsed, her body racking with silent sobs. “We are cursed! Roan… my son. This … family … is … cursed!”
Luna scooted over the floor to her mother and wept beside her. Had the goddess struck her brother despite her prayers? Had her brother been disloyal? Through her tears she prayed for mercy for Lemay and Eip, even though she knew there would be none.

She did not know how long she and her mother knelt and wept in their room but, soon the dull thud, thud of the city soldiers’ feet sounded out on the street. She cringed at each pound of the hammer as it drove nail after nail into the boards that blocked up the door of her brother’s house. Sealing Roan, Lemay, and Eip into a tomb.

Luna and her mother huddled together through the night listening to the growls and screams emitting from the other side of the wall.

OK, that was chapter one. Personally, I get the funny feeling that it needs work in some particular areas, but the problem is I don't know which areas need work.
Hope you enjoy,


Feb 26, 2015

Movie Review

In my movie review class we were asked to review one of our favorite movies. I was very happy to write about The Encounter, and I am very happy to share it with you.



Distributed by Pure Flix Entertainment
Director: David A.R. White
Runtime: 1hr & 25min
Rating: NR


Lightning flashed, thunder rumbled, and five strangers (a businessman, a single woman, a married couple, and a runaway teen) were on the road traveling towards their own separate destinations.
They were brought together, or stopped together at an unforeseen road block and they were forced to turn back the way they had came.
The five strangers decided to take shelter at a nearby diner, called Last Chance. 
There they came face to face with the owner of the diner, a man named Jesus, and there they had an encounter of a lifetime.
            The Encounter is a deep, thought provoking film which brings up tough questions and answers them. The characters pasts, presents, and futures are brought to the light. Unbelief, heaven and hell, sexual abuse, divorce and other issues and discussed within a biblical worldview.
            There wasn’t any language in the film other than “idiot” and “jerk” which were spoken in the beginning of the movie by two people who couldn’t hear each other.
Violence was very minimal and un graphic. There was a car crash(not shown) and two of the characters( in flashbacks) contemplated suicide by pills and a gun.
             This movie was powerful and heart touching, with a well developed script, strong acting, and a great message.


Feb 18, 2015


Get to know your Villian's right hand man challenge for the writing contest on Red Lettering. I picked option "Write about when Villian and minion meet".

Cyrus walked down the corridor, his boots lightly clicking on the stone. The air was cool and the dim torches cast seething shadows on the walls.
His fists flexed, imagining the smooth handgrip of his knives. That cursed Adeerian prisoner was serving in the presence of Prince Shapur, and was being allowed to train with weapons? What was the godking thinking?
He was putting his son, the Crowned Prince, in peril by even letting the Adeerian live!
He clenched his teeth, a low hiss escaping through his lips. He had voiced his fears to the king and the prince but to no avail.

"As the top bodyguard of Prince Shapur your blade will ever be wary, young Cyrus, son of  Mirza". King Sargon had said " And we doubt that you will ever fail."

A veiled threat of course. Protect the prince no matter what danger he puts himself into or face torture and execution
If the royalty wished to amuse themselves with a snake then so be it. He would just have to wait for the fiend to raise his head, then he would strike it down.

His sensitive ears caught the sound of soft footfalls behind him. The air chilled several degrees. He whirled, his hand dropping to his belt knife. A richly robed figure glided towards him, purposeful, solemm.
Cyrus's eyes widened when the torch light glinted off the large ornate shoulder pin marking the godking's advisors. He knelt, tapping his head on his knee then standing to attention. "My lord advisor."
The lean man walked up and stopped beside him, looking both directions down the corridor. He felt the fine hairs on his neck lift slighty. Why did he have the feeling that the advisior was checking if they were alone? "Advisor?"
The advisor turned his thin face and stared at him. "Are you Cyrus, son of Mirza, bodyguard of Prince Shapur?" He asked, his voice barely echoing against the walls.
Cyrus lowered his tone to match the advisor's. "Yes my lord, I am responsible for guarding the prince with my life. He is in the protection of the godking's guards as I am completing a mission for him."
"Good, I wish to talk with you before you return to his side. My name is Advisor Hult, closest to the godking's ear."
"Lord Hult," Cyrus dipped his head. "how can I serve you?"
Advisor Hult leaned closer, his breath caressing Cyrus' cheek. "You are aware of the presence of the Adeerian slave in your master's service?"
"Yes my lord, I am aware." Cyrus replied. He struggled to conceal the anger in his emotions. "They have allowed him to train with the prince on the weapon field. I am worried of my prince's well being. The slave could turn on him at any time!"
Advisor Hult smiled vaugly. "I hear your zeal against this enemy of the land of Dalt." Cyrus started to shake his head.
"No, don't deny it. Not all that the prince wants is good for him. Like a child to near a fire you must be on your guard so that when the fire reaches for the prince you will be there to stamp it out."
Advisor Hult put his hand on Cyrus' shoulder. "This is what I want you to do. Obey your instinct. Protect Prince Shapur from his toy, and kill it when you get the chance!"
Cyrus stood straight and saluted, fist to heart, a gesture of perfect obedience. "Yes my lord. I will be watchful, and I will be ready."

Advisor Hult nodded and walked down the corridor the way he had came. Cyrus felt the air warm and he let out a breath. His hands were damp with sweat, he dried them on his jacket.
"Kill it!" Advisor Hult's command echoed in his mind.
In all of his ten years of service to the prince he had never had to kill. Could he do it?
No matter how much he hated the sight of the tall young prisoner, did he have the guts to kill him?
He swallowed hard and pulled back his shoulders. His fingers stroked his knife handle, trying to call back the rage and fear he had felt earlier. His boots began to click out a rhythm on the stone.
He would be watchful, he would be ready.

The End
Thank you for reading, let me know what you think.