Feb 26, 2015

Movie Review

In my movie review class we were asked to review one of our favorite movies. I was very happy to write about The Encounter, and I am very happy to share it with you.



Distributed by Pure Flix Entertainment
Director: David A.R. White
Runtime: 1hr & 25min
Rating: NR


Lightning flashed, thunder rumbled, and five strangers (a businessman, a single woman, a married couple, and a runaway teen) were on the road traveling towards their own separate destinations.
They were brought together, or stopped together at an unforeseen road block and they were forced to turn back the way they had came.
The five strangers decided to take shelter at a nearby diner, called Last Chance. 
There they came face to face with the owner of the diner, a man named Jesus, and there they had an encounter of a lifetime.
            The Encounter is a deep, thought provoking film which brings up tough questions and answers them. The characters pasts, presents, and futures are brought to the light. Unbelief, heaven and hell, sexual abuse, divorce and other issues and discussed within a biblical worldview.
            There wasn’t any language in the film other than “idiot” and “jerk” which were spoken in the beginning of the movie by two people who couldn’t hear each other.
Violence was very minimal and un graphic. There was a car crash(not shown) and two of the characters( in flashbacks) contemplated suicide by pills and a gun.
             This movie was powerful and heart touching, with a well developed script, strong acting, and a great message.


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  1. Hey! Visiting from the GTW link-up.
    I've never heard of "The Encounter" before, but it sounds like an interesting movie. Thank you for sharing. :)