Apr 5, 2015

Share the Love Challenge Tag


   I have been tagged by Alea for the Share the Love Challange, thank you A. Harper!
Check out her awesome blog a Elvish Pens, Fantastical Writings.

About Alea (copied)
Hi! I'm Alea Harper, just another Christian writer! I love to write(obviously), make movies, serve others, and tell people about Jesus! Almost every day, I am on some adventure; whether its joining the Fellowship and defeating Sauron in "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien, running from Emporor Daicen in "Resistance" by Jaye L. Knight, or going on my own adventure that I write, something exciting is always happening!

What I love about her blog:
Well, there is a lot I love about Alea's blog.
I love how it is so lively and upbeat, anywhere from her blog's lush background to her interesting informative posts. Her blog is delightfully orderly and neat, with many interesting things going on.
I'd advise you to make sure she is on your blog list!

Favorite blog post of hers:
I would have to say How to Encourage a Writer. When I read it I was laughing so hard. Without spoiling the post, she hit it spot on! Quite a few times I have been in that same situation and it is so frustrating! 

I now tag:
Faithsong @ Story of Fire
Kaycee @ The Pink Cave
Ryan Paige @ The Realm of Hearts
Jaye L. Knight @ Jaye L. Knight 
Aidyl @ Noveltea

If the people tagged wish to participate, here are the rules:

-Post these instructions and the tag in your post.
-Include a link to the blogger who tagged you somewhere in the post.
-If possible, put the biography of the blogger who tagged you in the post. 
-List some of the things that you love about their blog.
-Mention their favorite post-Tag as many bloggers as you can! Share the love! (And remember, the more you tag, the more people will hear about you and your blog.)
-Don't forget to let those bloggers know you've tagged them.  

If any of the links fail to work, please let me know.


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