Feb 18, 2015


Get to know your Villian's right hand man challenge for the writing contest on Red Lettering. I picked option "Write about when Villian and minion meet".

Cyrus walked down the corridor, his boots lightly clicking on the stone. The air was cool and the dim torches cast seething shadows on the walls.
His fists flexed, imagining the smooth handgrip of his knives. That cursed Adeerian prisoner was serving in the presence of Prince Shapur, and was being allowed to train with weapons? What was the godking thinking?
He was putting his son, the Crowned Prince, in peril by even letting the Adeerian live!
He clenched his teeth, a low hiss escaping through his lips. He had voiced his fears to the king and the prince but to no avail.

"As the top bodyguard of Prince Shapur your blade will ever be wary, young Cyrus, son of  Mirza". King Sargon had said " And we doubt that you will ever fail."

A veiled threat of course. Protect the prince no matter what danger he puts himself into or face torture and execution
If the royalty wished to amuse themselves with a snake then so be it. He would just have to wait for the fiend to raise his head, then he would strike it down.

His sensitive ears caught the sound of soft footfalls behind him. The air chilled several degrees. He whirled, his hand dropping to his belt knife. A richly robed figure glided towards him, purposeful, solemm.
Cyrus's eyes widened when the torch light glinted off the large ornate shoulder pin marking the godking's advisors. He knelt, tapping his head on his knee then standing to attention. "My lord advisor."
The lean man walked up and stopped beside him, looking both directions down the corridor. He felt the fine hairs on his neck lift slighty. Why did he have the feeling that the advisior was checking if they were alone? "Advisor?"
The advisor turned his thin face and stared at him. "Are you Cyrus, son of Mirza, bodyguard of Prince Shapur?" He asked, his voice barely echoing against the walls.
Cyrus lowered his tone to match the advisor's. "Yes my lord, I am responsible for guarding the prince with my life. He is in the protection of the godking's guards as I am completing a mission for him."
"Good, I wish to talk with you before you return to his side. My name is Advisor Hult, closest to the godking's ear."
"Lord Hult," Cyrus dipped his head. "how can I serve you?"
Advisor Hult leaned closer, his breath caressing Cyrus' cheek. "You are aware of the presence of the Adeerian slave in your master's service?"
"Yes my lord, I am aware." Cyrus replied. He struggled to conceal the anger in his emotions. "They have allowed him to train with the prince on the weapon field. I am worried of my prince's well being. The slave could turn on him at any time!"
Advisor Hult smiled vaugly. "I hear your zeal against this enemy of the land of Dalt." Cyrus started to shake his head.
"No, don't deny it. Not all that the prince wants is good for him. Like a child to near a fire you must be on your guard so that when the fire reaches for the prince you will be there to stamp it out."
Advisor Hult put his hand on Cyrus' shoulder. "This is what I want you to do. Obey your instinct. Protect Prince Shapur from his toy, and kill it when you get the chance!"
Cyrus stood straight and saluted, fist to heart, a gesture of perfect obedience. "Yes my lord. I will be watchful, and I will be ready."

Advisor Hult nodded and walked down the corridor the way he had came. Cyrus felt the air warm and he let out a breath. His hands were damp with sweat, he dried them on his jacket.
"Kill it!" Advisor Hult's command echoed in his mind.
In all of his ten years of service to the prince he had never had to kill. Could he do it?
No matter how much he hated the sight of the tall young prisoner, did he have the guts to kill him?
He swallowed hard and pulled back his shoulders. His fingers stroked his knife handle, trying to call back the rage and fear he had felt earlier. His boots began to click out a rhythm on the stone.
He would be watchful, he would be ready.

The End
Thank you for reading, let me know what you think.



  1. This is very good. It flows very well, and the scene left me out of breath. I really want to know what happens. o.o

  2. Thank you, I had fun writing it :) Glad you enjoyed.